Friday, August 12, 2011

Patience The Project that almost killed us

I don't know about anyone else out there but Patience is something I have been fighting with sense I was little. I had such a little amount of patience while growing up that, when my dad tried to teach me how to play baseball after I think it was five attempts of trying to throw the ball to him and missing I gave up. When I grew up I did get a little more patience but I still didn't have it like my mom or dad does. They are the most patient people I have ever met. But one thing that taught me and my family to have patience was my Eagle Scout project.

I know most people who do a Eagle Scout Project say it was hard or a challenge but mine seemed like it was endless. Well my project was a rod iron entrance gate to a zoo. When I started it was going to be 6 feet tall to 4 feet tall. When I first shared this idea to get it approved they told me there was no way that this could take the amount of hours I needed for it to be my eagle project. Of course the person who told me this had never built anything in there whole life. They approved it so I began working on it. I had measured the width of there already existing gate so I knew how big it need to be. Then I began building. We worked on it got all built and painted. I brought it over to the foundation I was building it for to show it to the women. She looked at it and said it was not tall enough. Me and my Dad looked at her and said, well you approved this height. She then told us how then she couldn't of used it because by law it has to be taller.

Everything that is already painted was the part that we turned in the first time. Everything that is bare metal is how much we added on to it.

Well, as soon we left we started figuring out how we could a make the gate grow at least 4 feet taller. Which after a couple of months we did just that. After finishing up painting it again we decided we should check the measurements of the gate to make sure everything was good. Here is when it gets worse! When I attempted to measure the already existing gate I was by myself and I didn't really know how to read a tape to well. To make the explanation short I will just tell you I was about 6 feet short!

Well, at this point of the story you can tell why I learned patience by building this gate. After realising that the gate was short. I really wanted to just throw up my hands into the air and say, "what ever with this thing". But I didn't. I refuse to give up. I know in life we have hard times where it feels like we are having too many trials. But, I know without a doubt that from them we learn and become better from being patient.