Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Green Lantern Lesson

Today I want to talk about The Green Lantern. Not the movie, but the superhero. I’m going to talk about his super powers. How they work and why they work.
The super powers that The Green Lantern is known for are but are not limited to is flying and creating things with his ring.

Members of the Green lantern core are chosen by their Green Lantern ring because of their goodness and strong will. Their rings are powered by the user’s emotions, but to be more specific Green Lantern rings are powered by will power and creativity. His ring is like the world’s best Swiss Army knife, because it can create any tool or weapon at any moment he wants.

This ring gives him great power, but just like any other cordless power tool it can run out of power. He has to charge it. He charges it with his Green Lantern. He has to charge his ring so he can use it to be a superhero, just like we have to charge our cell phone to be able to call people. He is able to do all sorts of amazing things because he charges his ring. If he didn't charge his ring he wouldn't be the Green Lantern. He would just be some guy with a green ring that didn't have the power to do anything.

We are just like the Green Lantern. We too go through our days fighting Villains (temptations) and disasters (trials). Our ring would have to be the scriptures. The scriptures are our multipurpose tool that can help us get through anything, as long as we use them, that we read them. That while we read them (the scriptures) we try to apply them to our lives. I know that as I have read the scriptures and looked for things to help me I have found them. I know that this can happen to you too if you read the scriptures.

The scriptures become more powerful in our lives as we go to the church. We charge our ring for the next weeks coming battles when we go to church. When we go to church we receive strength and knowledge. The strength to keep moving forward and we also receive the knowledge of what we need to do. In other words we receive guidance not only for our trails, but also to help us further understand the scriptures.

I know that by reading the scriptures and going to church we will be able to become the best Green Lanterns that our heavenly Father has ever seen, that we won’t have to worry about ever being someone with just a green ring. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.


  1. Nicely said, David. I think you captured the essence of the character perfectly. And your analogy is a good one. Hope all is well.
    --Your 1st cousin once removed (so complicated),
    Sinjin Maloney :)